Multicolor 13.3 inch Electronic Shelf Label ESL

Product Description:

Brand: Zkong
-Name: Multicolor 13.3 inch Electronic Shelf Label ESL
-Size:13.3  ″
-Other Size: 1.54″, 2.13″, 2.6″, 2.7″,2.9″, 4.2″, 7.5″ 11.6″
-Language:Chinese, English, French, Thai, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese etc.
-Battery Life: 5 years
-Display: white, black, red, yellow, Blue,Green, purple etc
-Working Temperature:0~45℃
-Certificates: ISO/CE/FCC/ROHS etc
-Function: information display, LED light , NFC, store management etc

Product Detail

electronic shelf label


    Dot Matrix EPD                                                               NFC


   True Cloud Architecture                                                   LED


    Black / White / Red (Yellow)                                        Replaceable Battery


   Support for Low-temperature






Product Reviews

Multicolor 13.3 inch Electronic Shelf Label ESL


The Cloud Multicolor Electronic Shelf Label

We designed the electronic shelf label (ESL )  with China leading retailers Alibaba. It is truly enterprise-class solution using BLE, Wi-Fi, and cloud computing technology, offering the lowest total cost and best performance of any ESL vendor. The electronic shelf label (ESL ) are truely scalable and central managed up to unlimited volume, no server are needed in-store.

The pressure on retail is constantly increasing. Due to the need to harmonize e-commerce and retail Prices, new technologies are pursued. The advantages of dynamic and comprehensive price management while decreasing the work load are obvious. You can easily adjust prices in accordance with your competitors or nurture specific shopping behaviour.

Circumstantial pricing is not a futuristic trend but reality. Customers get various prices on often identical offers through different channels. This calls for tools to control and streamline multiple of those channels. Additionally, our system offers actuality, time saving and resource optimization. Manual price adjustments are time and resource consuming no matter if it’s a big enterprise, car retailer, supermarket, fashion store or small business. Empower yourself to reallocate those resources. Digital price adjustments premise-wide with electronic shelf labels is now a matter of minutes rather than hours.

E-commerce further increases the competitive pressure on retailers and leads to more frequent price adjustments. Displaying an already outdated price often leads to immediate loss of trust towards customers, which no business owner can afford in today’s economy. Electronic price tags provide the possibility to confront these needs with flexibility, productivity and precision. Changing a traditional paper price tag takes about 3 minutes, which quickly adds up to several hours of work for an entire store. Beside slower price implementation, increased cost and higher error probability, paper price tags can also cause significant waste. Due to the short response, time labels can be updated during business hours without risking a mismatching of shelf and cash register price which reduces complaints.
Let us use the digital price tag to solve all the issues the traditional paper tags have.

How The ESL Working?

ESL Synchronize with Cloud Platform


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1. What composed in the whole esl system?

It composed by ESL tags+base stations+PDA scanners+software+mounting kits ESL tags: 1.54'' , 2.13'' , 2.66'' , 2.7'' , 2.9'' , 4.2'' , 5.8'' , 7.5'' , 11.6'' , 13.3 '', white-black-red color, battery removable, Base station: connect the ESL tags to the whole system PDA scanner: bind ESL tags and commodities Software: managing ESL system and edit template Mounting kits: help ESL tags installed in different places

2. What is display template?

Template defines what information will be displayed on the ESL screen and how. Usually the information display is commodity name, price, origin, bar code, etc.

3. Template can be customized?

No need to customize. It is visual to edit the template, just similar to drawing and writing on blank paper. With our software, everyone is the designer.

4. If I buy samples for test, what should I pay attention to?

There are two options for your reference. a. Basic type: 1*Base station +several ESL tags+software b. Standard one: 1 demo kit box (all kinds of ESL tags+1*base station+software+1*PDA scanner+1 set of mounting kits+ 1*box) *Please note the base station is necessary for test. Our ESL tags can only work with our base station.

5. How to purchase?

Firstly tell us about your requirements or application Secondly we will quote you according to your information Thirdly please make the deposit according the quotation and send us the bank bill Fourthly the production and packing will be arranged Lastly ship the goods to you

6. lead time?

Sample order is usually 3-10 days Formal order is 1-3 weeks

7. How about guarantee?

1 year for ESL

8. Do you supply ESL demo kit for testing?

Yes. ESL demo kit is available, which includes all sizes of ESL price tags, base station, software and some accessories.

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