Wireless bluetooth e paper tag smart digital price label

Product Description:

Brand: Zkong
-Name: Wireless bluetooth e paper tag smart digital price label
-Size: 2.66 ″
-Other Size:  1.54”, 2.13″, 2.7″, 2.9”, 4.2”, 5.8″, 7.5″ 11.6″, 13.3″
-Language:Chinese, English,Polish,Spanish, Russian,Japanese, Thai, Arabic, etc.
-Battery Life: 5 years
-Display: white, black, red
-Working Temperature:0~45℃
-Certificates: ISO/CE/FCC/ROHS etc
-Function: information display, LED light , NFC, store management etc

Product Detail

electronic shelf label


    Dot Matrix EPD                                                                  NFC


   True Cloud Architecture                                                    LED


    Black / White / Red (Yellow)                                         Replaceable Battery


   Support for Low-temperature






Product Reviews

Wireless bluetooth e paper tag smart digital price label

sinage tag

Zkong & Saas Platform

Right from the start, Zkong was never about following trends or reactively adjusting to change. Zkong has been all about delivering innovation and new developments in retail technology. From our close dialogue and collaboration with the world´s leading retail chains, the company has led the industry forward from the very begining.But it´s never about technology for its own sake. Instead, every innovation we make meets a real need, large or small, making life easier for retailers and creating a smoother customer experience. 

Therefore, we are delighted to provide an update on the swift uptake of our innovative SaaS-based platform.With a SaaS model as the basis for their ESL platform, retailers get both flexibility and scale to rapidly deploy, optimize and develop functionality centrally. This enables stores to digitalize in-store infrastructure and optimize services such as dynamic pricing, advanced replenishment, shelf imaging and optimisation, and click & collect services.

Zkong tag
display price tag
shelf label in store

How The ESL Working?

ESL Synchronize with Cloud Platform


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1. What composed in the whole esl system?

It composed by ESL tags+base stations+PDA scanners+software+mounting kits ESL tags: 1.54'' , 2.13'' , 2.66'' , 2.7'' , 2.9'' , 4.2'' , 5.8'' , 7.5'' , 11.6'' , 13.3 '', white-black-red color, battery removable, Base station: connect the ESL tags to the whole system PDA scanner: bind ESL tags and commodities Software: managing ESL system and edit template Mounting kits: help ESL tags installed in different places

2. What is display template?

Template defines what information will be displayed on the ESL screen and how. Usually the information display is commodity name, price, origin, bar code, etc.

3. Template can be customized?

No need to customize. It is visual to edit the template, just similar to drawing and writing on blank paper. With our software, everyone is the designer.

4. If I buy samples for test, what should I pay attention to?

There are two options for your reference. a. Basic type: 1*Base station +several ESL tags+software b. Standard one: 1 demo kit box (all kinds of ESL tags+1*base station+software+1*PDA scanner+1 set of mounting kits+ 1*box) *Please note the base station is necessary for test. Our ESL tags can only work with our base station.

5. How to purchase?

Firstly tell us about your requirements or application Secondly we will quote you according to your information Thirdly please make the deposit according the quotation and send us the bank bill Fourthly the production and packing will be arranged Lastly ship the goods to you

6. lead time?

Sample order is usually 3-10 days Formal order is 1-3 weeks

7. How about guarantee?

1 year for ESL

8. Do you supply ESL demo kit for testing?

Yes. ESL demo kit is available, which includes all sizes of ESL price tags, base station, software and some accessories.

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