About Us

Zkong Network is an innovator and solution-driver of Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), offering retailers with reliable and low-cost products all over the world. With the help of Zkong’s Cloud Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and IoT technology, retailers can easily control and drive in-store sales and promotions with speed, agility, and consistency.

Our ESLs are ready to be used in BLE and NFC technology, fully graphic, and three-color display. Except for displaying product details like price, stock, and promotion, we can also customize the labels for any displayable information and shape styles in need.

With the advanced technologies of cloud structure and wireless communication, Zkong has perfectly met the various demands of thousands of stores around the world, and help them survive in the challenge of low collaboration efficiency, high price fault rate, terrible merchandising basic and rising operate costs.

Originated from manufacturing Electronic shelf labels (ESLs), we’re growing as a leading company who provides IoT devices and Cloud platform that delivers a complete set of solutions and services. Our innovative solution is a key step for smart stores to transform from traditional brick and mortars to Omnichannel business. And we benefit retailers and shoppers from even better in-store experience, by which, shoppers can get price, promotion, stock levels, social review, and any information they expect from shelf, and retailers can receive customer insight immediately from big data and improve their sales in a much more efficient and cost-saving way.

For over 15 years, we’ve achieved an outstanding business record, and served customers from 35 countries. We work in close partnership with many of the world’s largest retail brands, such as Alibaba Group, Lenovo Group, Vodfone, China Mobile, Coop Group, E-ink, Qualcomm, and many others.

Our view is to Apply Cloud Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) for Each Smart Store. Our mission is to enlarge an even more profitable business network internationally. We welcome partners around the world to establish deep cooperation, and we’re ready to boost your sales and optimize your margins with developed solutions.

Let the 3000 cooperative stores dare to abandon the traditional paper price labels and talk to the shelves directly.

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