The Revolutionary Cloud Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) System

Renew Your Business Model with the Revolutionary Cloud Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) System

Zkong Cloud Solution

Perfectly meet various business needs for the purposes of operate, sales, cost-saving, safety, etc.

Real Cloud Management

We designed a real SaaS cloud architecture for ESL system. And our ESL system delivers at the lowest cost, and enables fast deployment when the retailers copy success from one store to another.

Enterprise Application of Retail

Zkong's cloud platform provides a really easy way to connect with ERP/POS system, which is more operative in a corporate environment, it quickly emerges with the user's system and perfectly emerges with the user's system.

Business Success at Lowest Cost

Zkong's Cloud ESL solutions lead customer's business into a great success at the lowest cost, no matter how the ESLs are deployed or how many stores have been connected with the cloud ESL platform.

Extendable to More Industries

Zkong's advanced wireless communication technology and project development experience engage customers into the infrastructures of more industries.


Accomplishment of 1000+ different types of cases

Enormous ready-made and customized solutions



Leading into the circulation

Leading into the circulation of the information age

We are committed to providing customized service for each customer, the perfect solution for all customer-related needs。


Connect with your customers in new and engaging ways


Increase in-store interaction and enhance customer satisfaction

Accurate price automation

Right timing of promotion

Behavior analysis

Improved service

Growing margins

Six Major Advantages

Zkong Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLS) solution connecting stores with the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLS) cloud platform for lowest cost deployment.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Cloud platform
  • Cost-saving
  • Operational efficiency
  • Safety and stability
  • Massive data process
  • Battery life up to 5 years

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