New Launch– 10.1” Zkong Dual Screen LCD Digital Signage

See the brand-new ZKONG Sparkle Dual Screen!

LCD Digital Signage, double-sided screens, rich #marketing templates….This is the perfect product for #smartretail!

Breaking the limitation of space-time, Sparkle Dual Screen presents different contents in two sides at the same time. And supported by the rich templates library & multi-screen co-display, the new product enables imagination to be a reality

ZKONG Cloud based digital LCD display is a perfect choice for stores to attracts customers and show the information. Easy to install, no matter what kind of mounting methods.

* LCD Display
* High Definition
* True Cloud Architecture
* Multiple Formats for Image or Video
* Various of Sizes / Specifications
* Plug and Play
* Touchscreen Optional
* 7*24 hours full time play
* Support various picture video format
* Over 50000h working life
* 1080p full-color HDMI display
* Cloud SaaS support multiple stores’ deployment. Unified management on commodity info,ads and brand info

Post time: Jul-19-2022

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