Deep insights from Zkong Brazilian partner for the retail sector’s future

This week, we’re spotlighting an essential interview on VAREJO NO PAPO with Luciano dos Santos Giacomuzzi, the visionary CEO of Step into the future with us as we delve into the revolutionary realm of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), a technology that’s not just reshaping retail, but setting the foundation for tomorrow’s shopping experiences. Luciano unveils the groundbreaking journey of, offering deep insights that echo our mutual ambition for the retail sector’s future.


At Zkong, our collaboration with isn’t just a partnership; it’s a testament to our commitment to driving innovation in the Brazilian retail landscape and beyond. Together, we are not just participants but pioneers, proud to lead the charge in transforming retail technology for a better, more efficient, and customer-focused future.

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Post time: Mar-26-2024

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