The Largest Electrical Distributor In Saudi Arabia Adopted Zkong ESL Solutions

Bin Hammoud Company is the largest distributor of electrical and household appliances in the Kingdom, covers every spot all over the kingdom with more than 75 branches and more than 250 mobile delegates.

Bin Hamood Est. one of the giants of Establishments in the distribution of electrical appliances in Saudi Arabia, Bin Hamood was founded in 1980 and it inauguration of the first showroom in the city of Jeddah in that year, and from that time and are harnessed all its potential and doing its utmost effort to meet the needs and desires of its customers to provide the highest levels of service to them. To be reached by the grace of God to more than 120 selling units of branches and shows and sales man in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to more than 550 employees providing services to their customers.


20 stores of Bin Hamood have finished the installation of ZKONG electronic shelf label and there will be more stores on the way!

ZKONG ESL in different sizes displays & quickly refreshes products information and is easy to be placed in various positions with our accessories. Replacing price tag which needs consistent re-sticking, ESL system truly realizes the efficient store management with our unmanned technology.

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Post time: Aug-04-2022

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