SONY and ZKONG Collaborate on Retail Development

As the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, SONY wants to create a better experience for consumers in the store environment by optimizing its technology and retail solutions.

SONY is achieving this goal through a partnership with ZKONG, a leading provider of electronic shelf labels and related omni-channel solutions. ZKONG’s solutions are available in different sizes ranging from 1.54 inches to 7.5 inches and are currently being installed in major retail stores in East China.



Customers often compare prices online and offline, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. They check and test items in stores, then compare prices online, and the better price always wins. Centronics electronic shelf labels make the price difference at the shelf edge stronger and attract consumers to buy.


The ease of updating product information through ZKONG electronic shelf labels allows brick-and-mortar stores to better adhere to multi-channel pricing strategies, allowing SONY Electronics to remain competitive and flexible and deliver on its corporate pricing promise. With ZKONG’s technical support, SONY’s integrated multi-channel price changes result in 100% accurate prices on the shelf, online, and at checkout.



· Quality electronic shelf labels
· Powerful cloud platform
· Rapid installation
· 24*7 hours customer service
· Satisfying price

Post time: Mar-22-2021

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