Coop Launched First Unmanned Store Armed by ZKONG

Two months ago, Coop, one of Sweden’s leading grocery chains with around 800 shops nationwide, launched their first unmanned shop at Sätrahöjden in Gävle, which is equipped with ZKONG electronic shelf labels for a related omnichannel solution.
This small 30 square metre pilot shop is perfect for those looking to buy nutritional supplements and offers around 400 different frozen, dry and chilled SKUs at any time of the day, as well as a click and collect service.
Customers enter the shop, scan the items and pay for them using the Coop specific app, they can also seek more information by scanning the QR codes on our ZKONG electronic shelf labels.1

Coop noticed that it took too much time and manpower to produce and print all the electronic shelf labels and fix them tightly on the shelves. And it was essential to also ensure that the prices were 100% correct.
But the unmanned shop didn’t have a traditional cash register or stocker to help with day-to-day operations. The company required a flexible solution to display their prices and more information that was easy to manage and cost effective.


ZKONG electronic shelf label solution:
ZKONG electronic shelf labels are ready to be installed in COOP’s 150 shops. The ZKONG cloud system can be deployed on public cloud servers, eliminating the need for local installation and allowing COOP headquarters to manage merchandise in each shop in real time.
In terms of integration, the ZKONG platform is able to provide over 200 open interfaces, offering an effective and proven way to minimise testing and installation time.


Results :
√ Manage and monitor the electronic shelf labels of your shop at any time from anywhere.
√ Precise, correct and fully automatic price changes.
√ ESLs and items can be tied/untied directly in the shop.
√ Easy and fast integration with the cooperative’s existing systems
√ Customers can view product details via smartphone.
√ Cut costs on manual processes, loss of paper labels with wrong prices.


Post time: Mar-31-2021

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